Sunday School Teachers Checklist



       Attendance Sheet.Pass out an attendance sheet for students to sign-in each Sunday.Keep a weekly record of the attendance which will be turned into the Christian Education Dept. at the end of the quarter.

       Weekly Class Attendance.Record your total class attendance each Sunday on the master attendance record sheet on the bulletin board located in the hallway across from Room B-01.If you forget, please email secretary (Karen).



       Dry Erase Markers & Erasers.Check your markers and erasers before class.Extra markers and erasers are available in the Room B-06 closet, which will be unlocked Sunday mornings and locked after class.

       Copies.Copies can be made in the Copier Room in the church office.Its better to do it ahead of time because it can get busy with people making copies on Sunday morning.

       Class Binders.Copy all teacher notes and handouts for your class binder.This binder will be submitted to the Library at the end of the quarter.Binders and all contents are and will belong to CBCM.

       Other A-V equipment (i.e. TVs, LCD projectors, CD players, laptops, screens, etc).Reservations must be made 2 weeks in advance with the Service Dept.Submit a CBCM Service Application.



       Wireless connection.If you need to use a wireless connection for the internet, please submit a Wireless Access Application Form.

       Evaluation and Feedback.Please allocate time in the last class for students to fill out evaluation forms, which will be provided to you prior to the last class.These will be turned in.

       CBCM Teacherís Creed.If you or any teacher has not signed the Teacherís Creed, please review it and turn it in to the Christian Education Department before teaching.


Things to submit to the Christian Education Dept at the end of the quarter

       Attendance Sheet

       Class binder with teacher notes and handouts

       Evaluation/Feedback forms


Last updated November 8, 2011